Scripture Burrito Documentation


After several years of development and testing, we are pleased to announce the availability of Scripture Burrito 1.0.0 specification! We recommend that developers of Scripture and Scripture-related applications test and adopt this specification for interchanging data with other systems. Out of the box Scripture Burrito is designed to support the following types of data:

As interoperability is our primary goal, we are happy to accept proposals for new flavors based on common interchange scenarios. We have provided instructions and examples for Extending Scripture Burrito by testing and implementing new flavors (using x- flavors). When multiple implementations can be demonstrated, we will consider adding them as official flavors in new schema releases.

If you learn best by example, see the minimal flavor examples.

This work has been a multi-year collaboration between several organizations, including American Bible Society, Clear.Bible, Eldarion, Bridge Connectivity Solutions, SIL, unfoldingWord, United Bible Societies, and the work has been sponsored by illumiNations.

Future Development

See future development milestones here. The Scripture Burrito Committee invites comments on all aspects of the schema and documentation. Please use Github Issues or Github Discussions to provide feedback.