Scripture Braille


This flavor is in beta and we are actively seeking feedback.


The Scripture Text flavor is based on the Digital Bible Library’s text entry type. DBL developed the metadata and content formats in close collaboration with Compass Braille (, a British registered charity that has produced most of the braille editions of United Bible Societies texts.

The metadata format closely reflects Compass Braille’s current tool chain, to a point where that metadata can be used to generate a braille entry from a DBL text entry. The next step is to consult with other braille Bible stakeholders in order to incorporate their needs.


  • Ready-to-emboss braille volumes in Portable Embosser Format, an XML vocabulary ( based on braille unicode.

  • Source files in Bible Braille Markup (BBM), which is PEF plus namespaced extensions which are intended to permit last-resort reflowing of PEF.

Metadata Flavor Details

The following description gives a high-level overview. Further details can be seen in the example document and the schema.


This element contains a boolean which denotes whether the braille transliteration includes contractions.


This element describes the transliteration engine used. It is always liblouis ( in the case of Compass.


This element describes the hyphenation dictionary used. Compass uses the Open Office format for hyphenation dictionaries.


This element describes the way numbers are rendered, in the body of the text and in navigational aids.


This optional element describes how poetry sections should be formatted.


This element describes which non-canonical content should be included.


This element describes the physical page layout.