Peripheral Versification


This flavor is based upon Paratext’s .vrs files. Member of the Scripture Burrito committee have reworked the historical character-based format into JSON. A new section has been added to describe verse ranges. This work may be seen in ( feedback is positive. The Scripture Burrito committee awaits more detailed input from a Copenhagen Alliance subcommittee.

There are two use cases for the file format:

  1. As a standalone burrito, when used to represent “standard” versifications, eg Lutheran, LXX Catholic etc
  2. As a resource within a scripture Text burrito, replacing versification.vrs in DBL text bundles.


One JSON file containing an object with the following keys:

  • basedOn - the parent versification scheme, currently always set to “org”
  • maxVerses - the highest verse number for each chapter of each book
  • mappedVerses - key-value mapping of verses and verse ranges
  • excludedVerses - verses that are deliberately excluded from the translation
  • partialVerses - partial verses present in the translation
  • mergedVerses - verse ranges present in the translation

See the repo for further details.

Metadata Flavor Details