The Type Section

Each document must contain exactly one type element, immediately after the idServer element(s).

        <bookScope>GEN</bookScope><!-- Use the shortest possible description, ie not "GEN 1-50" or "GEN 1:1-31;GEN 2:..." -->
        <bookScope>EXO 1-12</bookScope>
        <bookScope>LEV 2:3-3:7</bookScope>
        <bookScope>MAT 1:3,5,7-11</bookScope>
    <canonSpec type="OT, NT">
        <component name="westernOT"/><!-- All books in component do not need to be present -->
        <component name="x-matthewOnlyMillenialists"><!-- Do not do this to track progress - that's what scope is for! -->
            <convention version="1.0">usxDirs</convention>
            <convention version="1.0">usxRefs</convention>
            <convention version="0.1.beta">x-scaryUndefinedWhatnot</convention>


Required, either one of

  • scriptureText
  • scriptureAudio
  • scriptureSignLanguageVideo
  • scripturePrint
  • scriptureBraille
  • glossedTextStory
  • parascripturalWordAlignment

or x-something.


Required, one of

  • scripture (a translation or paraphrase, with The Message roughly defining the limit of what is considered to be a paraphrase)
  • gloss (a retelling of Scripture that abbreviates, augments and/or reorganized the content, but in a way that can still be mapped to scripture)
  • parascriptural (non-scriptural content that maps onto scripture via a versification scheme)
  • peripheral (non-scriptural content that may be useful within the Bible ecosystem, but which does not map onto scripture via a versification scheme)


Required boolean that specifies whether the flavor is text-based.


Required boolean that is set if source files are present, eg SFM files for Scripture text or WAV files for Scripture audio.


Required boolean that is set if the burrito is considered to be “finished” enough to be published in some way.


Required, contains one or more unordered bookScope elements, each of which describes the scope of content within one book.


Required for the scripture, gloss and paraScriptural flavorTypes. The element includes a type attribute attribute that specifies one or more component from

  • OT (Hebrew Old Testament)
  • OT+ (Greek Old Testament, ie Hebrew OT and DC books are combined, as in most Catholic and Orthodox Bibles)
  • DC (Deuterocanon as a discrete section, as in many interconfessional Bibles)
  • NT (New Testament)

The element contains one or more component element. Each component element has a name attribute. The name value is either a known ordered list of books, or an x-something label for an ordered list of books within the component element. (See the example above and the schema for more details.)


This contains

  • metadata (required)
  • source (optional)
  • publications (optional)

each of which contains one of

  • unrestricted
  • restricted
  • private


The content of this element is flavor-specific.