The Relationships Section

The relationships section is optional. If present, it must contain one or more relation elements.

    <relation flavor="scripturePrint" relationType="expression" id="dbl::fedcba9876543210" revision="2"/>
    <relation flavor="glossedTextStory" relationType="expression" id="x-atl::gl47" revision="1.2.3"/>
    <relation relationType="parascriptural" flavor="parascripturalWordAlignment" id="agmt::irvmal-4-wh" revision="1"/>


This must be one of

  • source (the source of this burrito)
  • target (the scripture to which this burrito applies)
  • expression (an expression of this burrito)
  • parascriptural (related parascriptural content)
  • peripheral (related peripheral content)


The flavor of the related burrito

id, revision

The id and, optionally, the revision of the related burrito


Optionally, when relationType == “source”, the id of the publication that acts as a source.