The Names Section

The names element is required for scripture and gloss flavorTypes and optional for other flavorTypes. When present it contains one or more name elements.

    <name id="book-MAT">
        <short lang="en">MATTHEW</short>
        <short lang="fr">MATTHIEU</short>
        <abbr lang="fr">Mt</abbr>
        <long lang="fr">EVANGILE SELON MATTHIEU</long>

name id

This is a label that may be used to relate the name to content in other sections (notably publications). The value of this attribute should be machine-friendly and, preferably, human-friendly too.


At least one short element is required. It is inspired by \toc2 in USFM.


This optional element must not contain whitespace. It is inspired by \toc3 in USFM.


This element is optional. It is inspired by \toc1 in USFM.